What is design/build?

A design/build company is one that has the resources necessary to complete a landscape project from initial concept to final installation.  Your designer will be your contact person from the initial meeting through the final walk-through of the project. Our skilled designers and experienced craftsman ensure that all phases of your project, from design to construction to planting, are well -coordinated and of consistent quality.

How can I get a designer to come look at my property?

Call or stop into Ground Effects to make an appointment with one of our designers! We will evaluate your needs and desires, ensuring that we match you with a designer who obtains the skill set to accomplish your project.

* Also, if you aren’t looking for in depth design work the wonderful staff in our garden center would be happy to help you find the perfect additions for your landscape. Make sure to bring some reference photos! 

I love the design and want to get started. After I sign the contract, how soon can you start?

That all depends upon the time of year and the types of projects we’re currently working on. We can give you a realistic time frame during your initial consultation.

Can I prevent water from leaking into my basement by changing my landscape?

YES! There are several ways to prevent rain water from entering your basement, just by adjusting the landscape around your home.  When grade (ground) slopes toward the walls of a home it allows water to accumulate at the walls. The worst areas are typically at downspouts, window wells, and adjacent to exterior steps. This is can be fixed by adjusting the slope away from the foundation of the home, creating a swale to direct runoff and having properly installed downspouts.

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