Have a plant problem? We’re here to help.

At Ground Effects we have the staff with the knowledge to answer your gardening questions, giving you garden solutions. Whether you are having issues with insects, fungus, have questions about pruning or fertilizer we have the answers for you! Bring your garden, lawn and landscape questions to our wonderful staff here at Ground Effects, we’d be happy to help.

If you have questions please call 712.772.4600 or email us at info@scgroundeffects.com.


Are you interested in minimizing the work you do to maintain your landscape?

If you answered yes, let our maintenance department help you! Our maintenance crews have the experience and the expertise to help you maintain your landscape.  Many plant diseases or pest infestations can be prevented or quickly treated with regular maintenance.  Plus, our maintenance program won’t cost you an arm and a leg! Interested? Find out more today! 

landscape Maintenance