Project Scope

We want to help you with your Do-It-Yourself Landscape! The scope of your project is a good place to start planning. How big of an undertaking are you willing to get yourself into? Be conscience of your time-frame and come to grips with what you can realistically finish. Remember, projects take time, don’t be afraid of doing your project in phases. For some homeowners, it can become overwhelming very quickly if you bite off more that you can chew. The front of your home is a great place to start.


With ideas just a click away on sites such as Pinterest and Houzz, we recommend starting an idea book. Create a place to organize your thoughts, it could be anything from a digital file to a sketchbook of drawings and photographs. Dream big but remember to be realistic of your capabilities and resources.

Budgets are a large portion of the planning process, you don’t need to have a concrete number but have an idea of what you have to spend. We can help you with product/plant pricing to give you a better idea what you can afford.

Survey Your Site

Here at Ground Effects our garden center staff would love to help you design your landscape, but first we need you to complete a few preliminary steps to better help you.

  • Photograph – Take several photographs of the areas that you are planning to redo. Have them printed out when you come to the garden center
  • Measure – It’s always good to know the size of the space you are working with. Creating a plan of the area makes area calculations more accurate and gives our employees good reference for helping you with plant selection. Be sure to note which way is North, use a grid sheet to help you measure the space your working with! Download it here.
  • Sun/Shade – All plants are different when it comes to sun/shade requirements. We want to ensure our proposed plants are in the correct growing conditions. Having a general idea of how many hours of sun light an area receives will help ensure the longevity of your new plantings. If you want to look through the plant materials we carry beforehand, look at our online plant inventory.
Come Visit Us at Ground Effects

Once you have gathered your site information and have your inspiration in hand, come visit us at Ground Effects! We will help you throughout the duration of your project; we’re here to help determine product quantity, material and plant selection, as well as advice on installation. We’re ready; are you!?


Do-It-Yourself Landscape