Spring may be just around the corner but that doesn’t mean that you have to pack up your scarves till next winter! Stop in at the flower shop here at Ground Effects to see all the fun colors that we have in. Leah and I decided to show you our 6 favorite ways to switch up how you can wear your scarf this spring.

1. Infinity- This style works well if you have a favorite scarf that is oblong but want the look of an infinity. Just tie the opposite corners together and double wrap around your neck and you have now made yourself an infinity scarf.

2. Twisted Necklace- This one new to both Leah and I; we thought it was a fun and creative way to use a scarf. We plan to use it with a chunky necklace or layer it with multiple necklaces for a dramatic effect.

3. Cowl Neck Tie- This was another favorite of Leah’s and mine because it is so simple but will be nice and cozy to wear on those chilly spring nights.

4. Pretzel- It basically is a twist on the typical loop scarf but we thought it was a simple way to alternate the look with a big effect.

5. Cowgirl-It gives an effect of someone wearing a bandana but with a stylish scarf for something a little special.

6. Classic Preppy Neck Tie -I think this is a fun and simple way to tie a scarf that a lot of people forget about, with spring approaching you want to have a lighter scarf so this one we thought would be perfect for anyone to add a pop of color to their outfit.

6 Creative Ways to Tie Your Scarf

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