If you are looking to have shape and structure in your landscape that a plant just can not provide, then you are most likely to LOVE having a gazebo, arbor, pergola, trellis, or sitting wall.  Hardscaping provides a new element to your back (or front!) yard that can also be a dual purpose.

-Trellises not only have beautiful shape but provide a place for your climbing plants to grow.  Planting annual vines in front of the trellis will become a beautiful way to receive privacy.  Trellises can be used in many different ways that will provide structure and beauty to any area that you add it to.

-Pergolas are such a beautiful way to provide shade in your sitting areas.  This is much more in style than adding a shade cloth to your house.  This stylish pergola can also be used as a trellis for vining plants as well.

-Sitting walls are versatile in that they provide structure, shape, and sitting area in your landscape.  They can be used to define a new space or to spruce up an old one.  Sitting walls can also be a part of one flowing section that also contains a fire place and/or columns for added structure and beauty.

-Arbors are a functional and decorative way to design an entrance with class and style.  These gorgeous structures are a familiar sight to many and can also create a place for viney plants to grow on.

-Gazebos are a stunning way to add shade to an area that you might put an outdoor table and chairs at.  This provides a way to enjoy the outdoors without getting overheated.  Some people choose to have a screened in gazebo, or four-seasons gazebos in order to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Whatever structure you choose to add, be sure that it fits with the style of your home and landscape.  We would love to add these gorgeous centerpieces to your landscape job – so do not feel afraid to ask for that in your design!

**Check back on Thursday – we will have an added picture of a Pergola that Brent is working on in someone’s back yard – it is going to be GORGEOUS!**


Adding Structure to Your Landscape