9QYwQirjgtKxgV1tbAnWD-cCk7QjYmhO8x7LKnnlFtYLeah’s fingerprints are all over the changes and developments in the flower shop.  Her exceptional gifts in floral arranging and her eye for style has helped our flower shop keep progressing.  Leah manages the flower shop making sure we have the best product to sell and creating the best product going out the door.  Weddings are a passion of Leah’s and she has done an amazing job growing this part of the business.  We are so privileged to have Leah’s gifts and creative ideas at Ground Effects and are excited to see what new designs and products she will come up with.  She is a talented young lady with a bright future ahead of her!  Leah has been with Ground Effects since 2009.

email: leah@scgroundeffects.com

Leah Netten