Last Saturday we had Kris from Zimco Supply come and answer questions and give us tips on having the most beautiful looking lawn around.  Jim and Kris answered many questions and shared their knowledge with everyone.  Here are some of the highlights:

At what height should you mow your lawn?

It is best to keep your lawn at about 3-3.5” long because it helps shade the plants roots and retains moisture better.  A thicker more lush lawn will choke out weeds and give them less of an opportunity to take hold.

How often should I run my sprinklers a week and at what time of day?

Your lawn needs from ¾” to 1” of water each week.  It is best to split that up into 2-3 deep waterings.  If you water every day it will cause the roots of the grass roots to stay toward the top of the soil.  The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning when the sun is not as intense.  Some people like to “cool” their lawn off in the afternoon when it is hot.  That is not good idea because you will actually burn your lawn.

Should I power rake, thatch, or aerate?

Aerating is by far the best and most beneficial option to your lawn.  While thatching and power raking have their place, aerating gives your lawn the most benefits.  Aerating 2-3 times a year if possible is best because it allows for better water, air, and nutrient uptake.  The plant is a living organism that needs water, food, and air; just like usJ

What fertilization program do you recommend?

There are many out there from Scott’s to Maxlawn that tell you to do certain things but after much research this is the program we came up with.  Most of those programs are 4-step all granular.  We believe the best program is a 3 step granular and 1 step weed spray.   We are offering this program to home owners as a Do-it-yourself option.  We are very excited about this program and believe you are getting the most quality product at the best price!

Step 1: Crabgrass Prevention and Fertilizer (May)

Step 2: Insecticide, Fertilizer, and Iron (June)

Step 3: Fertilizer & Iron(September)

Step 4: We spray to kill weeds in the fall(September-October)Why?

-Plants are beginning to store energy in their roots so they uptake it better.

-To kill the weeds the chemical has to stick to the plant.  That is why spray is much more effective than granular.

What is a great all purpose grass seed you suggest?

We prefer the Ground Effects 2 mix.  It is a 50% mix of two types of rye and 50% mix of two types of blue grass.  The rye will come up quickly to fill in and then eventually the blue will fill in.  This blends great with any lawn and works great for overseeding also.

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