to see Justin’s Video on “What Happen To Your Roses!”
This winter was hard on various types of plants.  But the ones who took it the hardest were the roses.  In talking to one of my salesman he called what happened “Winter Desiccation.”  I said “Huh!  what does that mean?”  Well basically what happened was there was extreme cold with sustained wind for too long.  The other couple of things that really played in to this “ImPerfect Storm” was there wasn’t any snow cover and we were very dry.  So what do we do about this going forward to be successful with roses?
1. Pick the right variety:  All of our roses are “Own Root” Varieties giving them the best chance for survival.
2. Plant your roses a little deeper and cover the crown:  The crown is where the plant starts branching out near the ground.
3. Fertilize your plants: No this doesn’t mean use miracle gro.  Miracle gro acts more like a steroid and pushes more growth than neccessary.  We prefer to use LIFE, which is a great slow release organic and promotes not only the health of the plant but helps make the soil healthier.
4. Water your plants well.  Especially going into winter deep water your plants.  It is better to water your plants less frequently but for longer periods of time.
5. Mulch around your Roses:  This not only looks good, but provides great moisture retention and helps to protect and insulate during the winter.
What Happened To All The Roses!?!