1. Get your tree wraps on your trees: Invest a couple of bucks in making sure the rabbits or the sun don’t kill your tree!
  2. Give your plants a haircut:  Give everything a good trimming.  For more specifics watch this video:
  3. Fertilize your yard but not your plants:  Fall is the best time to fertilize your grass.  Many people do it in the spring because all of the big ads tell you to.  But most experts will tell you to get a good application down this fall which helps with root development.  We have a great product on hand you can pick up!
  4. Protect your evergreens: Use Wilt Stop on your evergreens to keep them from winter burning:  Once the ground is frozen completely and on a day the air temp is above freezing.  Spray your evergreens with this product which helps to lock in the moisture on your evergreens!  It works great.  We also like to use this on our winter evergreen containters!
  5. Water Plants going into winter:  Make sure your plants(especially your trees and evergreens) well going into fall! This will keep them from getting damage through dieback, sunscald, or winterburn.
A few extra things to think about
–  Plant trees and plants now!!  Yes you heard me, now!  You can plant all the way until the ground is frozen solid. Which many people do not know!
–  Winter is just around the corner.  Want to wow your guests this winter!  Check out Katie’s article on turning your annual pots into show stoppers all winter long!
Don’t forget to do these 5 things before winter!