5.  Use pine cones. I very rarely make an arrangement without them. They add texture and depth to any container. Plus they can be kept from year to year to save money.

4. Spruce tops are the best bang for your buck. They are large and full so they fill a container quickly with very little effort and they are the longest lasting evergreen available.
3. Add some sparkle and light. Don’t be afraid to add some glittered pine cones or red ornaments to your arrangement.  Lights, of course, are also a must. This time of year there is more hours of dark then light.  It is Christmas after all make it special!
2. Water your container.  After arranging,  water your container well. Not only will this help your greens last longer it also will keep them in place after the soil freezes.
1. Use Wilt Stop.  Spray this product on any fresh greens indoors and out. It protects the needles from drying out.
Top 5 Tips to making an Amazing Outdoor Winter Container