House plants are a great gift for loved ones or for sprucing up a spot in your home.  Pony Tail Palms and Bird’s Nest Ferns are two very unique house plants.  A lot of times house plants get a bad rap, “They remind me of my grandmother,” “did someone die?” and the list goes on.   But house plants are really so great and versatile for anyone and any occasion – they help you breath too!


Take this Pony Tail Palm for instance…THIS is so fun and unique! Definitely something I would display in any type of fun pot on my shelves!  This plant gives so much movement and life to any room.  The thin leaves create a gorgeous texture against maybe a large, fluffy sofa in the living room.


But if you are really looking for some texture then the way to go is towards the Bird’s Nest Fern.  The crinkles create a beautiful wave-like feel and the new growth is so fun to look at.  There is nothing “old lady” about this house plant!

The funkier and creative the pot is that you put your house plants in, the more modern and fun they are.  Be sure to water your house plants once a week (I like to do this on Sundays…after I get my spiritual food my plants get their food).  If you are going to be gone for a long period of time put a water bottle in the plant and it will slowly water them for you.  Be sure to get rid of any dead on your plants in order to keep them healthy and happy!

What is your favorite house plant?

Fun House Plants