Bum Buum Bum Bum…BUM BUM BUM BUM!

Yes…that is Here Come The Bride!  Upon hearing that our very own flower shop gal, Leah got engaged last night weddings are even more on our minds.  Besides the fact that Leah is our wedding florist, of course!  Leah has been there to make countless Brides happier than they could ever imagine from bouquets to reception flowers and rehearsal centerpieces.  Now it is HER turn to be the one getting surprised with gorgeous flower displays.  Everyone in the shop keeps giving Bert a hard time that HE needs to do her flowers….”no.”  He is bound and determined not to get involved in all this wedding hoop-la.

Us girls are trying to work on getting him to do it….trying.  We will see how that works.

So now instead of asking Leah about what weddings she is working on in the flower shop…we are all excited and asking about hers!  Ready to plan and make this day special.  The florist becomes the bride and we could not be more excited for her.

Weddings are a beautiful time in people’s lives – and being able to be involved in your special day as wedding and event florists (aka. Leah) is such an honor.  Leah takes the time in order that each bride is being well taken care of.  She is sure that each arrangement and bouquet is special to you.  No detail goes unlooked.  Weddings at Ground Effects are sure to be remembered and unique.  Leah explores knew and different ways in order to make each wedding specific to each bride.  That is what makes her different than other florist – she doesn’t recreate the flowers you just printed off of Pinterest…she takes those flowers, colors and the bride’s personality to create something even more beautiful and special.  Just like snowflakes, there are no two weddings alike at Ground Effects.

So as you are thinking of your big day, remember that our Bride-To-Be will be sure to make your day as special and true-to-you as she is making hers!

Here Comes The Bride