If you were to tell me that you did not like ornamental grasses I would never believe you.  Ornamental grasses add everything that your garden/landscape is missing; height, texture, winter interest, and so on.  Some grasses are not so tall and are a wonderful little clump of fine grasses.  Sedges are also a great type of grass.

So why do you care that I love ornamental grasses so much? Because! This time of year things start to look a bit “blah” and if you do not have grasses in your landscape then you need to listen up.  Have you ever been sitting on your patio watching the way the wind bounces grasses around?  It seems like they’re always moving, dancing around like they are the entertainers of the garden!  Plus, grasses are drought tolerant and can take a beating.  They can make a nice privacy fence if planted close together in a row, or make a nice green accent behind some bright contrasting perennials.  When it comes to ornamental grasses I like to plant in clusters of two or three and plant some bright perennials like coreopsis or salvia in front of them, to make it look like one group of plants.

A landscape is not a finished landscape unless there are some ornamental grasses to top it off…the cherry on the sundae!  August is a great time of year to add any type of ornamental grass with some mums or rudbeckia for a gorgeous fall display.  Take some time to be in your garden while your kids are starting their classes up again – play some music and find your happy place!

Happy planting!

The Power of Ornamental Grasses