Succulents are hot trend in design and decoration lately; and they are not going anywhere fast!  You see them everywhere you look and we aren’t complaining either.  But why are they so popular?  And why do designers everywhere love them so much?

succulent collage 1

Succulents add a texture that is unique and special to them that can not be duplicated by another flower. Succulents also offer a whimsical, geometric shape that keeps the eye wanting more.  You usually see them in unexpected ways and places that a regular flower would just seem out of place; the more interesting and unusual container the better the succulent display!  I have seen succulents planted in old vintage suitcases, rusty kettles, and coming out of drift wood….I am just waiting for the day when I see them planted in an old SHOE! (I bet one of you will try this).  They match well with the rustic and vintage trends perfectly.  They are gorgeous no matter how they are used; bridal bouquets, flower arrangements, container gardening, home décor, and MORE (and maybe even in an old shoe!)

In my house I have three small, clear vases that I planted succulents in and sat them on the window above my kitchen sink.  I love having fresh flowers in the home and these are perfect because I can neglect them and they will continue to thrive!  The small containers keep me from feeling like there is clutter all over the kitchen counter and my husband loves them because they are not a frilly, girly, pink peony that has to be thrown away within a week or so.  We are both happy that way – happy husband happy life….or was it happy wife happy life?

One of the best characteristics of these popular plants is the minimal care that is needed in order to help them thrive.  The succulents I have in my containers outside have never been watered.  In fact this Spring when we kept getting a ton of rain, I pulled them in a couple times because I was worried they would drown!  I love anything I can forget about and see that it is more beautiful each day….now if only the same happened with the lack of working out (a girl can wish right??).

succulent collage 2

Because of artificial succulents it helps this trend stick around for every season.  We will be seeing them again this winter for Christmas too! SPARKLY SUCCULENTS? Yes…sparkly, “snow” covered succulents – once again keeping the man and the woman happy.  Putting together evergreen and succulent arrangements is such a fun way to design because you do not usually put those two plants together!

Be keeping your eyes out for the different way these fun, low-maintenance, trendy plants are being used.  I love seeing how excited people get about them and can barely contain my excitement as well.

How have you used succulents around your house?  Send us pictures on facebook!

Designing with Succulents