There’s nothing like a rainy day to put me in a snuggle-on the-couch-with-my-puppy-a-game-of-Words-With-Friends-and-a-love-movie-on-the-TV type of mood. Maybe some of you opt to cuddle with a child or a spouse and browse Pinterest or a good book, but either way it is still a bit gloomy out.

(NOW HUSBANDS – LISTEN UP!) My next favorite thing about rainy days is the excuse to buy a bright fresh flower arrangement for the table next to my couch.  If I can’t be out in my garden with my flowers then I love to have an excuse to buy some for indoors.  AND it is proven that flowers put people in a better, happier mood.  TAKE THAT GLOOMY DAY; my bright pink gerber daisy will be battling you today along with my romance mood setting rose (hence my love movie) and my garden green foliage and carnation!  BYE BYE RAINY DAY BLUES!

What’s my second favorite thing about rainy days and flowers? Well, I’m glad you asked.  Buying a second flower arrangement for a loved one – chances are they could use some feel good vibes today too.

Now ya heard the doctor (or blogger…however you wish to think of me) go get some flowers!  Your ‘feel goods’ will appreciate it.


-Janelle Thomas

Rainy Day Blues