Who else is getting excited for fall?  Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, warm colors in your home décor, switching up your annual pots (read Katie’s blog here), the sunflowers, cremons (a variety of mum Leah designs with), ornamental grasses and cat tails, mums outside, scarves….it is all so exciting!  So what can we be doing as a company to help you get ready for this exciting season?

-We would love to help you in the flower shop with decorating your home.  Leah is always keeping up to date on what it “hot” and what is “not.”  Talking with her about what colors you already have going on in your home will get creative juices flowing and great ideas for decorating.

-The flower shop will also help you with your fresh flower needs – whether for your own home or as a gift for someone special.  Bringing a piece of the outdoors inside is a beautiful way to keep a fresh element in your home that can easily be changed through the seasons.

-When it comes to Mums, Katie is your gal.  She grows and cares for all of the potted mums that we sell from when they are just planted until they are loaded in your car.  She is also quite the talented designer when it comes to sprucing up your annual pots.

-The garden center is packed with beautiful perennials that you can add to your landscape in order to create a more fall-interesting view.  Ornamental grasses and later bloomers are the direction you should be going this time of year.

-The flower shop is also kept up to date on the latest fashion for women.  I love changing out my purses with each season (if not at least twice a season…) and the flower shop always has something new!  Scarves are another great thing about the weather cooling down…it is extremely hard for me to not buy a new scarf everyday with the selection that Leah keeps on hand.  And JEWELRY…who can pass up new jewelry for fall??   Yeah, no one can. 😉


Let us know if there is anything we can be doing to help you transition into the fall season, we would love to help you!

Getting Excited for Fall!