September is a month where we really start getting excited for fall.  Here are some things you can be doing in your landscape and garden to prepare for the season…

  1. Seed Your Lawns.  September is the perfect time for seeding your lawn as temperatures cool down.  Be sure that you have a healthy start by keeping a regular watering schedule and fertilizing (either before or after you seed).  We are now on Step 3 of our DIY Lawn Care Program – be sure to ask our staff about this next step if you have any questions.
  2. Plant Trees & Shrubs.  Because of the cooler temperatures that fall brings there is less stress on their roots.  With less stress combined with our Myke’s and Root Stimulator, you are sure to have stronger, healthier, and lusher plants.
  3. Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs. We will be getting an assortment of bulbs in this fall that will be great to plant now until frost.  Keep checking in for when we announce when they will arrive!
  4. Keep Growing Veggies. We said it last month and we will say it again, do not give up in your garden!  After your first harvest of lettuce, kale, and spinach be sure to plant a second harvest.  We all know that when our fresh produce stops coming that we wish we would have more, so keep that going much longer with two harvests.
  5. Invest in a Fire Pit. We carry easy-to-install fire pit kits that we can either have our crew install for you or with some knowledge from our staff you can learn to install them yourselves.  We carry everything you would need!  Fall is the perfect time for sitting around a fire pit staying nice, warm, and cozy J
  6. Divide Perennials. September is also a great time to divide some of your perennials that are growing out of their space.  Daylilies anyone??  Hostas!  Let your friends and neighbors know that you will be doing this so that if they want to take your extras they will have time to plant them right away.  Be sure the transplants have plenty of time to grow their roots before frost – and don’t forget root stimulator!
  7. Keep Watering. It is always important to remember to keep watering your plants, especially new plants in order to help them survive our Iowa winters.  Remember that a slow drip is much better than a large dosage; allowing the water to sink in deeper rather than running off.  Get those roots deep!
  8. Mulch. Spruce up your mulch if you have not yet done that this fall.  This gives your landscape a bit of a “face lift” to make things look beautiful again.  It also helps keep weeds from forming as easily – so do not forget to throw some Dimension on before you lay your new mulch.
  9. Plant Something New.  If you want to spruce up your place add a mum, aster, annual grass, kale, and other fall bloomers!
September To-Do’s