Have you noticed all the incredible apple trees this year? Every one I see is completely loaded, including my own!  I planted two Cortland apple trees about six years ago and this is the first year that I have something substantial to harvest.  The apples are apparently the envy of the neighborhood children, I get lots of requests to pick the apples.  Although I allow them to pick a few, I have to admit it is really hard to let them go. I have waited six years after all!  This weekend we decided it was time to harvest. After the warm week they really ripened and produced a beautiful pink blush color. My kids did most of the picking and of course made it a competition on who could pick the fastest and who picked the biggest apple. Of course I had to take a few pictures to celebrated our harvest.
If these pictures get you inspired to grow your own apples, Ground Effects can definitely help you pick out your own!  We have several varieties available to choose from. The varieties include: Zestar, Haralred, Cortland, Red Regent, HoneyCrisp, Red Delicious, McIntosh, Snow Sweet.  We also have apple trees that have three varieties of apple in one pot. Triple Play Early which includes the varieties:  State Fair, Wealthy and Zestar. The Triple Play Late includes the varieties:  Fireside, Honeygold and Haralred. So if you can”t decide which kind to choose these would be a great choice!
 Fall is a perfect time to plant apple trees. Most local orchards carry many of these varieties, so you can taste test.  Along with sampling the fruit, another great advantage to planting in fall is that the ground is warm and the temperatures are cooler which is perfect for root growth. Some things to remember about planting apples is that they require a pollinator. Which means you will have to plant two trees of similar bloom time in order to get apples. Apple trees need eight or more hours of sun for sufficient growth and ripening of fruit. All of our apple trees are considered semi-dwarf that reach a height of 10′-25′.  Let us know what kind of apple you are looking for, whether for fresh eating or baking we have them all!

Picking Apples