mw2NeckAn2tnOkjKNH1uAuw3EjL9G0SyBg1ifoDi9jMJanelle started with us in 2012 and has been a very quick learner.  In the spring she helps to take care of customers with annual questions in the glasshouse as  well as making sure the Garden Center is in tip top shape.  She pays attention to detail and catches some of the things that the Garden Center men overlook.  Janelle is great at helping customers and finding out what they really need.  She has also proven to be quite the floral designer.  Give Janelle a task and she will get it done.  Janelle has also been given the task of being sure that Facebook, the newsletter, the website, the Pinterest account, and Instagram feed are up to date.  Like a true woman she is constantly multi-tasking!

Janelle Thomas