6 Steps to Beautiful Rose Bushes

For some people the word “Rose Bush” is a swear word because of past experiences; but rose bushes are a plant I have come to appreciate more and more.  With all the improvements in varieties, roses are the plants that get you the most “bloom for your buck.”  The rule I usually tell people is that you want to get nice foliage from your shrubs and flowers from your perennials.  With Roses you get nice foliage along with tons of flowers that bloom all summer long.


1.Choose the Right Variety:  This is a very important step.  All roses are not the same!  Do not just choose any rose, make sure you find the right one for our zone.  Buy a rose bush from a trusted source who has experience with the varieties they sell .

2. Plant Correctly: The depth you plant the bush is key.  With most plants we say, “Plant the them just as deep as they are in the pot.”  Roses are different.  The bud union, or graph, should be planted 2” below ground level.  This will make sure that the graph does not get destroyed by our harsh Iowa winters!

3.Water Well: Roses like to be watered about every 7-10 days.  It is best not to use a sprinkler but to water the ground directly.  Another way to help the roses to stay moist is to mulch around them.  This will keep moisture in and protect the rose from the elements.

4. Fertilize: The more nutrients the rose gets the more flowers you will see.  Fertilize in the spring with a slow release fertilizer.  We also have Dr. Earth Rose food that you can make a Compost Tea out of in order to fertilize every 2 months.  It works great!

5.Prune: The shrub roses we carry do not need as much care as they old varieties but to maximize your flowers you should prune the roses back, especially bloomed out flowers.  When trimming back make sure you trim right above a leaf.  Also if there are any long shoots, trim those back also.  Don’t wait for 1 flower on a 4’ stalk (exaggeration, but you know what I mean).  Trim it back now and get way more flowers!

6. Prevention: Prevention is the best cure for a lot of things but especially for roses.  Use a Systemic  2 in 1 drench that will protect your roses from insects and diseases!  This product works great and is easy to use.  Just mix in water and pour around the base of the rose.


Roses really are not as bad as people put them out to be!  Just follow those six simple care steps and you will be pleased with the results. Stop in and check out our varieties and talk with our staff about any other questions you have.

Hope to see you soon!!

Six Simple Steps to Beautiful Rose Bushes