After all of the rain we had this spring we all are having really green lawns!  This is awesome but if you we do not stay ahead of them that beautiful dark green color will begin to fade.  Now is the time to get your next step of the D-I-Y Lawn Care Program done.

We have not seen a lot off harmful insects in our lawns thus far due to the cool weather and lots of moisture.  But now is the time to think about keeping those insects from harming your yard.  From now until the first week of July is the time to apply your second application of our lawn program.

                With all of the rain we have had the fertilizer has been used up you applied this spring.  Although your lawn looks great now make sure to get the next application down in the next 2-3 weeks.  This application should give your lawn the nutrients it needs until part way through August.

We are offering two options for step 2.  The first option is fertilizer, with iron and insecticide.  If you have not had insect problems or don’t think you need it you can use a straight fertilizer with Iron.  Either way we want to make sure you get the best product possible.

Continue to mow your lawn’s high for a healthier lawn to keep the roots cool and shaded, 3” at a minimum.  A thicker lawn is a healthy lawn with less weeds and disease issues!

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy this June and July