We have had many calls from customers concerned about trees that are not leafing out. Most of the trees affected are young maples and ornamental crabs, usually planted within the last five years. What is happening goes back to late April and early May when the tree’s buds were swelling and then we received many days below freezing with ice and snow storms. This in turn froze most of the buds.  Some trees may leaf back out, but the leaves will be small and most likely distorted with brown on the edges. Those trees that do not have enough reserved energy in their root system may never leaf out or only leaf out on the bottom half of the tree. In the meantime while we wait to see what is going to happen to those trees do not over water them, but do keep them consistently moist. Do not fertilize, this will only stress them more.  Most of you unfortunately will have to weigh the options of replacing your tree.  If your tree is within the warranty period we will replace it fully. For those of you that are past the warranty period we can offer you 25% off any new tree or buy the tree at full price and get a one year warranty or upgrade with Myke’s and get a five year warranty. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or have us come and inspect your tree.
-Katie M.
Ground Effects
What To Do With Leafless Trees.